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Earn $1 - $10 Per Click! [FOR BEGINNERS]

Today you are going to learn on how to start making money online and all you have to do
is refer people to a free program.

This is called pay prove lead affiliate marketing, it is extremely effective way to make money

online because it requires that no one spends any money any where, so it is a very easy very
simple system.

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Now lets move on to the main part of this video, just to quickly clarify what pay per lead affiliate
marketing is and how you can start making money with it today.

Let me just bring up Google here and am gonna type “Pay per lead affiliate marketing” and am
gonna show you exactly how you gonna get started doing pay per lead.

Just on google result it says ” successful marketers who ear four,five and six figures monthly
relay on commission, However money can be made elsewhere and with more ease through
pay per lead(PPL) affiliate program. a pay per lead program is also known as 


Now go to google and type in CREATIVE LIVE, so creative live

LIVE..using Pay per lead affiliate marketing.

One thing about Creative live, is that one of the programs are Free, and some of them are paid

programs,which means if you sign up for creative programs by clicking this little blue square
on the upper right corner.You don’t have to pay for starting at creative live, one thing about
creative live is that some of them are paid program while some of them are Free. Which means

if you sign up for creative live program by clicking this little blue button, you don’t have to pay by starting at creative live.

The point of this article is to show you on how you can make money with pay per lead advertiser.

If you are running your own business and if you are doing affiliate marketing, you wanna make sure

the business you are dealing with is high quality and reputable and good right.

As you can watch online classes, but the most important thing is the bottom of creative live OK

You can see the little button here that says JOIN US , at the button, it says refers friend get 15 usd.
That’s typically what people click on when they think they gonna be in affiliate for this, but you don’t
wanna do that,You wanna go actually to

BECOME AN AFFILIATE, and this is going to take you to
a page where they will show you exactly how you can be a pay per lead affiliate marketer for there program.


Now the great thing about pay per lead,again as i said before,it doesn’t require you to promote
something that cost something,All that it requires if for you to promote a free



Because are way less to spend their money on stuff
but just to enter their email and login and sign up for something.

Just to show you a little bit how powerful this is and how you can start making a ton of money with
this,You get 20% revenue share for new customers sales.

If there is a new customer and that customer spends a 100bucks,you gonna make a 20bucks, then

lets look at this, 10% revenue share for return customer sales, lets say you refer someone who get

a free account on creative live and start spending a 100usd and start spending a 100usd average
a year on creative live.
Fisrt sale you gonna make 20bucks but for every other after that first sale,you gonna make 10usd
every single time.
But here is the pay per lead part of this,because if you notice they say 20% revenue share,for new

customers sales and you will also that it says,10% and 20% revenue share for returning customers

This requires revenue,that’s not pay per lead but,This 1$ is per pay lead, 1$ fOR EVERY NEW

Now registering is free,you get one dollar every time you refer someone to this,and this is a very very easy thing to do.

So if you can show someone else how to refer someone else to pay per lead,you can make 10usd with that.

Now a lot of people in this video are gonna suspect that i am trying to make money myself,by getting

all of you to be a 10usd referred.

That will be a great marketing scheme for me,but i am not doing that , am not giving you any Referral

or codes.
Am just showing you an awesome method for making money for yourself, this is all about you this is

nothing to do with me,so i am not giving you any affiliate links that will help me out or referral code nothing like that.

I just wanted to make sure there is no conflicts of interest, that is the reason i didn’t put that link there.

As you can see you are making a bunch of money by referring people.


You are referring people to take classes,the great thing about this as i said before,a lot of this classes are

actually free, so you don’t have to refer someone to an expensive product they don’t gonna buy, you gonna

make money because you gonna recognise that all you have to do,is that you have to refer people to a free

program and that is a great thing about a pay per lead affiliate marketing.

As i said before this is creativelive.com website..very simple to get to, its completely easy and free to sign up
to as an affiliate. Then again if you go back to the main page,scroll all the way down to the button and click join
us.Sign up to be an affiliate its completely free..


Well that is an important question and that is what everyone should consider,what you wanna be doing is that
you wanna be building networks, talk about

Facebook,Instagram networks,and makes sure they are as large as possible, start a YOU-TUBE channel.

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