Info-toes concept was founded on a solid strategic information technology  approach.
Incorporated through a diligent work and experienced researched based publication.

A subsidiary of Alzworks Group Ltd, https://alzworksgroup.com/,

A media production company.
Info-toes was profound for its search engine optimization and research content technique.




Creativity:Writing film Scripts/Screen.Television Production. Directing and
adapting a Play; Co-directing/assisting Prod. Audio  Visual Production. Photography.
Fast and Proficient IT: Word. Internet Explorer, Email Marketing. HTML. Excel. Power point,

Adobe Photo-shop, Video Editing: Adobe premier. FCP. Internet digital publication.


sport...vinkovci...10.02.2017.gradsko kazaliste joza ivakic; u organizaciji zajednice sportskih udruga grada vinkovaca i novosti d.o.o. proglaseni najbolji sportasi i sportski kolektivi grada vinkovci za 2016. godinu; zajednicka fotka nagradjenih . foto Gordan Paniæ

Excellent services: camera operative, lighting techniques,editing,sound recording,cinematography, photography  and  affiliate marketing.

michael a a f t institution Alumni pix

Communication skills: expressing evaluative notion in seminars and production directive.
Problem solving: involvement in complex, low-budget projects, with time efficiency and
publication tectonics.

To your success.

Michael Ugo Alozieuwa.

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