Adolescent-Igbo phantasmagorical – -Descriptive screen script writing sample


Grandpa managed to keep up with a fair appearance at the age of 90 years old.

He was profound to blink his eyes rather slowly, portraying him to look in steady gaze like one suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Staring towards the gloomy descending day, a smoke hearth flare choke off the sky with the remains of carbon monoxide gas that filled the air, due from exploration of fossil oil from the exuberance crude dredging company, within the native inhabitants of Ohaji Egbema Oguta.

Grandpa, grumbled and muttered a curse, blaming his fate of his losses not solely due from the declining crop harvest.

Papa Elder as popularly known  by several was a person of immeasurable consequence.

Often, he’s in the habit of clearing up his cracked up voice, thanking Jaweh for excepting from his numerous calamity.

Many years of bereavement  from the  lost of his beloved providence son.

Decades has long gone with immeasurable plights and plagues, an enormous betrayal from the god’s he adored fervently.

Preceding an awful incidence of the white outfit sect, in other words, may the god’s be therefore fair to him.

Shuddering his aged shoulders while heaping on blames of his misfortune on fate.

Refraining from introducing the will and desire of Aju-ani’s deed.

The same previous divinity who’s dinners and wine they enjoyed,in a period of time dedicating to  salvage the noble people of  Morka village.

Muttering  yet one more, and let a sign of relief, trying to justify the truth that of the  poor harvest was the outcome of unwanted oil pollution covering the entire  crop harvest

A failure of the Government to guarantees a remuneration to the indigenous.

What a deceitful absurd of a society, from politics to Religion.

He was yet to recover from the shock of  bloodshed, a ravages result of the bombing of the Biafra airfield installation.

A horror that he’s nonetheless to pass though.

Now he finds it hard to distinguish between an ordinary air plane noise and that of  bomber aircraft.

Thoughtfully, he gnashed his teeth and waggled his head getting ready for the holy Sabbath  worship.

Grandpa, was a great man of immeasurable repercussion. Biting and mumbling his own name in his habitual

“A worrisome decades so much spent in misery and misfortune”.

He walked briskly and started to wash his feet with the rain water in a calabash pot used a reservoir.

“Odajuru my father, what a fate that i carried on for the people of this land, extended a hand of marriage to the same enemies in other to seek aligns “

He soliloquised as often as usual. Reassuring himself that of his misdeed and karma of losing his only providence son was the will and caprice of the god’s.

Fighting hard in other to shift his blames of misfortune and ill gotten fate to his polygamous family status.

He remember in those years when it was more adorable to be a man with numerous wives.

He muttered ones more ,

“An egg of a python, your  misdeeds  breaks my heart”.

Shaking his head vehemently he started to appeal a holy oil (Ude Nso)

A substance made out of crude oil and white palm kernel.

However, it was consecrated by a character that we are about to reveal

However he accepted that the act of marrying a wrong or right partner should be considered as part of a cultural ancient values that still need be sustained.

That a man whose misfortune came as a result of a  wrong choice of marriageable  partner can be aligned withal mans ills of destiny,

For him, a virtuous women ought to be compared to as unknown parcel (Ngugu)

What so ever a man unwraps remains a gift from his god (Chi).

A fast sense of penitence drove him into the new white garment sect, not at all, he acknowledged that the orthodox Catholic for his children.

But for him, the orthodox catholic is a forbidden church on a wild road to hell.

Aunty Mgbe, on several succession tried to pursued him on giving in to the way of the orthodox Catholic, but he still remain adamant, 

Accepting Sabbaths ideology as sacred worship ordained  from the almighty.

An Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth.

In the event that the god’s appears to surpass each difficult conflicting religious sects clamouring the community he fought and protected the will of Aju-ani, for years,

It baffled him the reason he went all that far to the extent of  burning his own deities, an old rugged wooden powerful  deities. 

While the sacred men who met their sudden end after undertaken a family sanctification cleansing rituals, appears as a constant tragic mysterious reminder of what awaits him there after.

And that is more reason he took this salvation alter very seriously.

Seemingly, his greatest upheaval was to hold on solid his new found faith in whichever it’s ends perceived to be.

Facing an era of latest crusaders in a very dazzling white garment robes,seems ore remarkable.

It has been a decade now, since he last actualised a much needed penitence, burning those fearsome everlasting ancient landmark, that seems to no longer serve.

Presiding when the
burning of associate previous rugged wood deities,assuredly as it seems at the beginning, but now, he beginning to have a rethink if the new way worth his actions, this same cross seems to have failed him somewhere along the lonely path of life.

Seemingly, this is his  greatest upheaval, setting ablaze those innocent  looking own god and therefore the mindless gift day Government
with their poor land use acts,swooped in, not only did he lost his inheritance , he lost his a handful elderly pride.

Embracing a replacement he found religion in whichever it’s ends perceived to be questionable is solely the sole hope
to form a private solace.Not even one of his numerous wives could comfort him from one singler act.

An era of latest crusaders in a very dazzling white garment robes. The promising of a replacement heaven whereas they
stumble in a dark shadows. All they scream is Souls and blood with empty promises.

And he comes with the man with the sceptre,who possess enormous  power which no one  able to  rancour with,

His end was was as much as like others.

Grandpa often told us about the Jewish God and how he relinquished paganism.

In total contrast to whose  name shall we give ultimate reverence to.

From adventurists  social group  of ungraceful half to the rabid military mess of the Nigerian government and with their aligns.

Living in fears from one dictator to the other.

Appeared to be associate oblivious alteration with extravagant dance of a replacement gratification, why the worry of
unseen father figure, men conquest and institutional dysfunction has suppressed to loose all that he laboured for.

Just like grandpa,the question of Steve brutal demise from a drunk police officer became inevitable,owing to the fact
he was raised in horrific military coup DE tat, and corrupt governance.

No one ever gave a second thought to understand the reason behind the path he choose,

rather he passed away with a painful exist.

Like Grandpa,the previous  orthodox  catholic and other new mush rooms churches has outshouted  each nook and cranny of his neighbourhood.

A group of a catastrophic change worst than the new government of the 1980s.

One single aspiration that drove him to string element of the white garment sect wasn’t of the Wavering hips and flesh of
faithful worshippers.

he luxury of touching a flipping buns by mistake was out of question, he lost interest in all and all , the lasting solution
was to seek for the truth that bewildered his imagination.

For him, the ten commandment must and should be held to the highest esteem, not of another orthodox indoctrinates.

However of these sects appears to possess one issue in common, organised adoring worship.

The new crusaders against his previous mythology. A questionable path he appeared to have chosen.

Holding a gin glass booze, he flicked the content in usual manner , smearing an entire pinch of liquor and kola-nut towards the mother earth.

Turning towards the 2 graves at his right , he shudder in agony, muttering

“Aju-ani have successful dealt with me below the  belt!,

He Chuckled and Continued to soliloquise.

“Udeh (Olive) my son when do i see you again ?”.

Dragging his inflammatory sick left knee towards his inner chamber, attempting to keep up to his memorable youthful gallantry years long spent.

Walking  briskly in a hesitant gesture.

He screamed,

“Python egg-Python Egg”!

( A Pagan titleholder name of an Igbo woman)

“Am aware that of your intention to starve me to death before my time”

A strange name of his second surviving wife was and up till this day still a weird  character even known.

“Bring that  Fofo cold, no need to put on the fire, all lights suppose to be extinguished, its already 6 o’clock and a holy Friday had begun “


He screamed further.

A shrivelled voice responded from the back yard.

“Go and tell your Shepherd to make a warm food for your, the food isn’t yet prepared and we need fire to get it done”.

His second surviving helpmate
appeared to have ripened into a strong persecuting character 

Opposing every faith of the white garment sect,

She completed refused to lift the Holy bible, in contrast to the vow they took many years   ago to uphold the traditional
and cultural beliefs of Ogwu-Gwu-Akpo Shrine.

Grandpa was an honest strange man with a mystical pride.

True-story.. standard African Igbo adolescent phantasmagorical fathoms.


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