Who says Wakanda in “Black Panther” could have never existed?

Well listen to this                                   
Richard Bowie Spikes.

If you own an automatic car, the auto gear shift in your car was invented by an African,
Richard Bowie Spikes.
He also developed the automatic safety Brake system,the horizontally swinging Barber’s chair
that we enjoy at our hair salons, and the beer keg tap that helps control the serving of beer.

Frederick McKinley Jones                                                  
How many of you understand that the transportation of perishable goods,ice blocks
and ice cubes would be but an unattainable dream if not for the small coiling units
in our coiling vans.Well, thanks to an African,Frederick McKinley Jones who invented
the cooling unit.During his lifetime Mr Jones was awarded 61 patent

Alexander Miles                                                              
If you enjoy the automatic opening and closing mechanism of an elevator door, then give
kudos to one of our African heroes;Alexander Miles..

Watch Video now ..


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