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If you are an affiliate marketer, or simply making use of the internet on a daily basis, you would probably agree with me that Marketing or working on the internet is simple but not easy.

Here are the tips relating to what i considered

The  essential prerequisite to effective 

internet digital tools and affiliate marketing software’s.

Believe it or not, we are in a digital era and you should probably have a need of one or more of these tools  mentioned below with the links.

I have  been around for a while , lost cash and made money through some of these workable and some other misleading  internet marketing  working tools.

Why Are They Misleading.?

They are because some of those so called IT Pros pref are to use Testers to accomplish a digital Products upgrade of their various Tools reviews without compensating users.

And That is what consumers  are not aware of !

Lets dive into it… 

A few other up-coming entrepreneurs might   want some genuine information on something simple and effective ,

Something  that could assist them towards various internet  work abilities .

As we know, that time is very crucial in every aspect  of online or offline money aspect of human endeavour . 

There are digital products out there programmed


A few sell WHAT isn't always marketed.

In spite of that, my goal right here is to notify you that there is

LITTLE or NOTHING like an auto pilot..


Although, a automobile Pilot may cost off through you! 

Lets assume that we are making a  test drive on Automobile that was  designed by a Web developer.

Think of it ?.

There are few well configured software programmed tools such as Click funnels etc, amazing and simplified as it may seem,the control and usage is invariable based on your imagination.

And few others  tools that are  ascertainable

Lets take an IT guru or web developer as a case study , or maybe even  some one like you, who designed a program to remote an mechanism or a serviceable web hosting domain.

To enable the end users make profit out of it,

To program such a serviceable internet industrial mechanism  tool will certainly requires years of  handwork blueprint  research,

Agree with me .. the inventor or programmer will guide his patent right.

While another individual could have considered branding such program patent rights  and turn it into the likes of…


Face Book,  APPLE, MICROSOFT, AMAZON, E BAY, GOOGLE, Ali-express  etc.


You could get to work to promote your own ideas through The original patent right platform.

That is the handiest component I’ve seen visible practicable, in today’s internet age.

Hence, the questions is ? .

where is the internet money located? 

All serviceable Patent rights are of little use if you don’t understand much on  how to put it to use,

Mastering the skill’s is what

separate from the rest from the best .

Behind this is where the money is .

The chase in  the rat race game. 

Few of those program software’s  are free while dozens lots of them are not!…


The answer is simple, on the Email LIST.

Yes, your List of subscribers and marketing approach to you niche, through various Niche  list that you have  created through your website.

Not even  get-response and other Email List builder are  not free , except mail-chimp.

Despite the fact, there are other  Methods to approach it , using other available tools listed below..

In a nutshell, I do be bringing up a few practicable software’s/apps and Ad dons , relating to  this article.

Other subsequent review updates.

Make good use of  the listed internet software’s will enable you either in your daily work or  in your marketing, writing skills or  promotional campaign approach.

If any of it isn’t always clean..experience unfastened to send me an email , I’m able and willing to get you through.

Additionally, sign in with this surfer with all the advertising and marketing websites there are and use it to

generate credits in other to promote your websites on go ogle or Bing ranking,if need be

Whether YOU want to do is to get a free website hosting services like WIX Hosting, despite the fact that I do

recommends s you  getting a reasonably paid internet website hosting service 

( .com, or .co or .org ) with a  considerably web hosting service company like SITE-GROUND,

A review relating to YOLA  or NAME-CHEAP  hosting company, all  Depending on your need.

 A follow up  recommendation to  Hostgator Web Hosting company

service, and its constrain with the company C panels hosting  demerits,

Migrating from  the  from Hostgator   web hosting

to site-ground  weren’t a delightful experience.

After a website break-down owing to C panel gigabytes content mismanagement, inefficient data update and website laxity.

Taken an in dept on 


Promotional  target to goods and services  of interest within any specialisation is a top notch idea.

And if you are a vendor, that overlooks the challenges of an upcoming entrepreneur and affiliate marketers, then you need to have a rethink.

Hence, you could have sold other companies  services or products ,

A valuable idea can save you from a great loss of money.

Sharing of hyper-links via your  websites wasn’t all that good enough to generate a result .

Although this might not guarantee much cash at starting point of it!

However, i suggest those  workable ones in the field of

Drop-shipping with Ali express..

Off course every enterprise needs GOODWILL and MARKETING PUBLICITY.

Hence, it is a common factor that without demand their will never be any form of supply .

In different methods, the software tools that have been designed as sole patent right for any

IT gurus services or programmer towards  designing purpose  ..


In conclusion that few software designers   are mainly Java programmers  whose interest is to  to gain from

YOUR precious

TIME through CPA, ( COST PER CLICK ). Money!

However, the primary component is that you are required to get a personal domain website or even an ordinary simple capture page website to get started,


In case you intend to get amazing converting websites at low priced value let me know.

Approximately a 12 months domain web hosting plan for a start or monthly bill

feel free to send me an email.
you may also get a free internet website hosting with Wix or yola free website hosting plans.

Top Priority recommendations

Obtain a paid website Domain, although it is a reasonably-priced one!. you could

discover a few other ones on the internet.

There are so  many cheap web hosting sites accessible that you could use to host your domain. but other

hosting agencies can’t convert your subscribers into cash as faster such as Site-ground.

Find a good host with a high speed C panel 

Also, from experiences, it’s miles higher to check in a paid web hosting website because non-domain hyper-links

do frequently break-links  or most affiliate promoting sites don’t genuinely accept non full area web links.

YOUR most important awareness is all you’ll be DOING on this website IS TO RESALE OR promote other businesses/marketers services or promote other companies products and services and get A commission.

AS well USE THE MEDIUM TO build A list OF clients for yourself.

When you have A listing OF focused clients subscribers.

THEN you can definitely start making incomes.


It initials  REGISTRATION OF some certain companies…. this can be of value… if you ARE interested in

THIS .. let ME recognise.


JVZoo is an affiliate marketing platform that allows sellers to easily list, promote, and sell their products, and affiliate marketers to easily find.

They make it easy for sellers to promote, list and sell their products and give affiliate marketers some great digital products to promote.

They have a huge marketplace with all sorts of digital products to promote

Takes Care Of Affiliates – With Big $ Potential!! At JVZooHost we know affiliates can be a major part of advertisement for us so we make sure we compensate them for that! Most hosting  companies will only pay an

Affiliate one time and then keep the rest of the payments.

2. clickmagick

 It The Best Click Tracking Software To Boost Conversions.

Getting more website visitors and making deals is extraordinary, yet seeing how your traffic is reacting to your offers is actually how you can genuinely expand your benefits and take your business to the following level.

ClickMagick is a web base application that will assist you with tracking and upgrade your promoting endeavours.

At a fundamental level, it enables you to make following connections and ClickMagick will demonstrate to you who tapped on your website or affiliate links and

(if arrangement made effectively),

which will assist in snapping up  business deals promptly.

Also, since it’s cloud based, you can login to your ClickMagick Dashboard and screen ALL the connections you have gone into the framework.


A world leading performance-based CPA network that specialises in maximising the ROI of our clients.

Click this Link.

Our goal is to provide the best service possible to both affiliates and advertisers around the world by creating a seamless online marketing experience. We aim to anticipate, evolve, and think one step ahead of the industry, ensuring that those who work with us do the same.


4. SiteGround

Our web hosting services are crafted for top speed, unmatched security, 24/7 fast and expert support. Trusted by more than 2000000 domains!

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
In most recent data, it reports servicing more than 1,800,000 domains worldwide.

It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers as well as email
hosting and domain registration. In 2019, the company employed over 500 people.

Click This Link

Web Hosting

5. Wordlinx

 A web activity web page, in which you’ll be hired to the percentage.

Is a legit and paying website.

They are also free to join and make money. …

Click Here

But this kind of website will only earn you very little. If you are looking to earn more online, we suggest you visit Here to join one of the websites there.

6.Gorilla Marketing Pro

GMP is run by two internet marketers known as Randy Thomas and Tim Sebert,
who together have approximately 40 years of affiliate experience. They are likely
members of 10X World, an overarching affiliate training and education platform
that claims ownership of the GMP site according to the site’s own fine print.
A cursory web search reveals little else about 10X World, besides that it is based in
North Carolina and that it runs a number of different commission-based affiliate
sites similar to GMP.


Integral of  Gorilla Marketing 
As you can see, My1dollarbusiness is here to stay for a long time.
With amazing products and incredible business model, My1dollarbusiness
might change your life for the better. However, you are better off finding
out as much as you can about this company on the Internet. The Web offers a
wide array of tools so you can find out what’s going on with My1dollarbusiness
or any other MLM firm out there.

7. Traffic Ad Bar

A traffic exchange system that sends visitors to your websites or referral links based on the amount of sites you visit. They also provide fun, exciting and competitive methods to get even more views and visits.

This is a brand new FREE
way to generate website traffic for your websites.

Unlike many other services, Traffic Ad Bar uses a level ladder
which generates hits for members by using the “Daily Update Email”.

8. ClickBank

Click-bank University

ClickBank is an online retailer with a worldwide nearness, secure instalment
preparing, dependable following and payouts, and a broad member organise.

Click Here To Find Out The CRAZY Secret

Merchants can make and sell both computerized items, (for example, digital
books, programming, and participation programs) and physical merchandise
through ClickBank. Clients buy those items through ClickBank’s safe request
structure, which acknowledges charge cards and PayPal, and gives propelled
extortion security.
We additionally give live client assistance and backing to
clients who need it!

With ClickBank’s offshoot program, subsidiaries can advance merchants’ items
and acquire tremendous commissions. Offshoots utilize a ClickBank-if referral
connection called a HopLink to guide clients to the seller’s site. On the off chance
that a client, at that point buys an item, the partner gets a level of the deal that is
attributed straightforwardly to their ClickBank account. Our foundation highlights
dependable following and commission payouts that are set aside a few minutes,
without fail.


Click-bank University

REVEALED: The #1 Secret of online Millionaires

Over 100,000+ people are successfully generating an online
income with ClickBank and they all have one thing in common…

Click Here To Find Out The CRAZY Secret

THIS ONE THING is the “secret to their success” is being revealed
by ClickBank themselves for free right now in this video.

ClickBank University 2.0, students learn the proven, success-
certain strategies, tactics and principles that have worked for tens of thousands of other
experienced, full and part-time ClickBank affiliate marketers around the world.

Everything is designed to get you up and going as a ClickBank marketer.

Click Here To Find Out The CRAZY Secret
This video went to the masses so make sure to watch it ASAP before
it’s taken down.

Traffic Exchange

9. Hit-leap.


HitLeap is a top traffic exchange service that helps you to increase visitors, rankings and more. Buy a traffic package or get free website traffic in minutes.

Download hit leap app on your laptop, open it to run digital internet commercials ads on your desktop to earn credits,

Promote products and services ,which you will use to promote your affiliates links as well and earn cash.

Hit-leap accepts the minimum of 3 links free of charge version and the most of 6 hyper links and above for paid versions.

it’s miles a useful device..  whilst you register



AND go to hit leap and slot it in for rotation.Please notice that pasted is beneficial for producing
hyper links you wish to share on your social site’s platform.use this hyper link



10 Traffic-marketplace

We can deliver thousands of real visitors to your website quickly and affordably.

With prices from just $0.001 per visitor, our prices won’t be beat.

The easiest way to get traffic to your website and make some money. Lock your spot for FREE and use our traffic exchange and PTC

10. MyGiantList:

This is very important tool for promoting your company product and services ..this device will drag leads
of clients/customers into your website or affiliate marketing site.


All you have to do is use it tp drive clients to your variouse websites or affiliates links. Click This  link… MyGiantlist


This is internet primarily based article spinning code developed by Alex Sustar, it’s some variety of a paraphrasing tool specially created for article selling to avoid plagiarism and at identical time, stop being fined by the Google computer programme 


I thought you might be interested in the world’s best article
spinning tool, called Spin Re-writer. It works in a completely
different way from everything else in the market.

It actually understands the meaning of every single word and
phrase, the meaning of your entire article, and it can spin it
with a single click. It’s pretty amazing.

12. Payoneer debit card:  (Personal cash transactions)

Do you need an easy debit or credit card for your on-line internet affiliate marketing and transactions,

especially For those residing within certain locations where Pay-pal is not acceptable especially outside

US, CA, OR UK, or African demography, where Pay-pal or availability of either debit or credit card facility are

not easily available?

Consider signing up with Payoneer master card use this link below to register :



On-line survey hosting and on-line data collection services (simple to complex survey research) for Market Researchers • Consumer Surveys, Employee Surveys, Organisational Surveys, etc.

On-line Sample Solutions • On-line Survey Participant Panel Management using Targeted Participants by Most Demographics •

Provide On-line Survey Panel for On-line Market Research Companies • Custom e-Research • e-Research Software Development


These listed tools may be of wonderful help. 

Kindly check for subsequent  related articles,

Digital marketing and internet tools and jobs opportunists. 

Web Hosting

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To your success

Michael Ugo Alz

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