SUBLIMINAL AWAKENING(Free E book Download) & Web Traffic Explosion

SUBLIMINAL AWAKENING(Free E book Download) & Web Traffic Explosion

Subliminal is defined as a stimulus or mental process that is perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without being aware of it.

SUBLIMINAL AWAKENING(Free E book Download) & Web Traffic Explosion

Every day, we are constantly bombarded by noise and negativity. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with worry and dread. Even though
we feel that we are strong enough to handle, subtly these negative events bring subliminal messages into our mind and it is hard to erase.

Do you still remember that when you were still young, you are able to live free, happy and creative? When you grow older, you start to have
doubts on yourself. You have more things to handle. You are often in the analysis paralysis and it feels difficult to improve your current situation
both at work and at home.

Things to do:

#1: Spend 30mins in solitude, with complete silence, and ask yourself what are the things that gives you sense of accomplishment?
List down as many things as you can.

#2: Identify one goal you have and list out top 3 possible constraints and challenges you might face in achieving this goal. What can you do to overcome
these constraints and challenges?


A lot of times this voice creates illusions in your life that you feel that are real. However, in reality, it is just a story that is fabricated in your mind.



A good example is your voice telling you that I’m sleepy. To be honest, that is actually a story of itself. What do I mean? There is no physically form for sleepiness.

All is happening to you is that your shoulders are slightly aching and that you are having a slight strain around your eyes. This is the physical form and the
reality of what is happening. Sleepiness is just a fabrication of your mind trying to make sense of what it happening, but it may not be true.




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